Do EURO 2024 Teams Get New Kits For The Tournament?

The countdown to EURO 2024 is on. The tournament is supposed to kick off in the host country of Germany. With that said, expect some new EURO 2024 kits to drop. 24 national teams from all sorts of European countries will do battle in this UEFA Champions League tournament.

Thusly, they’re sporting box-fresh new EURO 2024 kits ahead of the competition, much to the rejoicing of their fans. They can shop for the kits if they wish.

What to Expect of the Kits

They’ll get eye-catching gear, new shirt designs, the incorporation of national symbols, and the cooperation of companies like Adidas and Nike.

  • England’s Kits for EURO 2024: The EURO 2024 kits for England during Away games is a purple away shirt. According to Nike, it mixes the blue and red of other away kits from England in previous EURO games. The classic white home shirt, on the other hand, will feature a purple trim for good measure. This will be worn first by Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions.
  • Germany Kits for EURO 2024: As for the German EURO 2024 kits, if you shop for them, you’ll be treated with a new Home shirt that features a black, red, and gold color scheme and the national flag emblazoned over their shoulders like the shape of a wing.

It’s their last EURO kit made by Adidas though because they’ve inked a new deal with Nike. As for their away shirt, it’s Metaverse-inspired. It’s designed to look more technology-based to appeal to the younger demographics of the German fanbase.

  • Belgium Kits for EURO 2024: As for the Away Kit of Belgium, Adidas claims they’ve come up with something that incorporates the country’s long history of art and design. They’ve even had Herge, the cartoonist responsible for Tintin, incorporated into the Belgian EURO 2024 kits for good measure.
  • Italy Kits for EURO 2024: The Italy Home shirt for their EURO kits remains the same. However, their Away shirt has nods to the red, white, and green colors of the Italian flag running down both sides and in the shape of the Letter I. At the back of the collar is “L’ITALIA CHIAMO” or the name of the national anthem of Italy.
  • Scotland Kits for EURO 2024: The Tartan Army of the Scottish National Team will be invading the UEFA EURO 2024 football tournament with an appropriately tartan or patterned design on the top and bottom halves of the country’s new Home kit. This draws inspiration from the famous layout. Their Away kit is the same as before. Shop for more details.
  • Spain Kits for EURO 2024: Last but not least is the Spain kit for EURO 2024. Both Home and Away kits include the recreation of the carnation unto the gear. The carnation is the national flower of Spain, by the way. It might not be as fearsome as a skull and bones design, but it does represent the gallantry of the former champs.