Belgium’s Hopes in EURO 2024 Ride On The Play Of Kevin de Bruyne

The play style and performance of Kevin de Bruyne will make or break Belgium’s chances for EURO 2024. The claims that he has thoughts of quitting Belgium has been refuted by Kevin himself. In fact, he denies having the thought ever cross his mind.

He’ll never quit Belgium and Belgium will never quit him. After all, he’s the new skipper of the Belgium football club. He’s their key to making the EURO 2024 qualifier, at that.

A Logical Rebuild After the Qatar World Cup

According to Domenico Tedesco, the Belgium coach, Kevin de Bruyne is the new skipper of Belgium right off the heels of Roberto Martinez leaving.

  • The Anointed One: As the appointed skipper of Belgium by Coach Tedesco, Kevin de Bruyne will have his hands full when facing the likes of Sweden at the EURO 2024 qualifiers. The loyalty of Kevin has been questioned by Belgians, but his performance should alleviate their doubts when push comes to shove.
  • The Replacement Captain: De Bruyne is projected to make a mark at EURO 2024 even after Belgium failed to impact the Qatar World Cup under the herald of Coach Roberto Martinez and star player Eden Hazard.
  • Live Up to Their Ratings: Kevin de Bruyne is there to help the highly rated Belgians live up to their ratings. The new captain will try to avoid the unlucky circumstances that led to Belgium underperforming in light of their seeding or rating in the EURO 2024 tournament itself.
  • The FIFA World Cup Flop: Kevin is replacing Eden after the national team flopped at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The Qatar football tournament is quite disappointing too because of how highly rated Belgium was at the time. They weren’t able to fulfill the promise and potential of their team.
  • Failure That Led to Retirement: De Bruyne promises to keep on fighting for Belgium even after their embarrassing loss at the recent World Cup. He wishes to do what his predecessor failed to do, even as pressure mounts on him in light of Hazard’s announcement of international retirement.
  • Coach Tedesco Sees the Vision: All the major pieces that could push Belgium all the way to the final or at least a better performance in the next World Cup or in EURO 2024 are all there. Coach Domenico sees the vision when it comes to the 31-year-old Kingpin of Manchester as the new Belgium Captain.

Long story short, De Bruyne sees the rebuild of Belgium national team as full of promise that won’t be broken like the Belgium of yesteryear. He’s particularly looking forward to the new squad as an introduction to new classmates at a new school, leading to a positive Belgian paradigm shift.